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Travel Agency (DTS) License in Pakistan

Travel Agency license in Pakistan, plays a vital role in travel agency business. Lot of people are working without travel agency license in Pakistan and they trap innocent people to buy cheep airline tickets as well as visas for different countries and they take money from the people and disappear.

There for it is mandatory to get proper license from travel and tours department and then start travel agency business in Pakistan, otherwise, FIA and ministry of interior arrest the people who are working without proper licence in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, Provincial Government issues license to travel agents / tour operators. Provincial offices are working in all provinces of Pakistan. Following few documents are required for travel agency licence / travel & tours licence.

  • Company Registration Certificate
  • Copy of National Tax Number (NTN Number)
  • Bank Account Letter/ Statement
  • Office Map
  • Office Rent Agreement / Proof of premises in your name
  • Bank Guarantee

We also register Travel & Tours Hajj Umrah Company Registration, Travel & Tours Private Limited Company Registration.

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