The Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry enjoys singular distinction of being the premier Chamber of Pakistan, representing the mainstream of economic activities by virtue of its location in the industrial and commercial hub of the country. It was established in 1959 through the amalgamation of four trade bodies in Karachi at that time, namely, the Pakistan Merchants Association, Buyers and Shipper Chamber of Commerce Pakistan and All Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Application form to be duly filled in all columns and typed neatly.

  1. Application form should be proposed and seconded by the authorized representatives of their companies having valid membership of Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry and duly stamped.
  2. One photograph of the authorized representative.
  3. Memorandum & Article of Association along with Certificate of Incorporation of Limited Companies and Partnership deed should be attested by notary Public/Office Bearers of Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  4. Attestation of the speciman signature cards (can be obtained from KCCI Membership Dept.) by Partner/Directors, are not necessary but must bear rubber stamp on front side below. Other Partners/Directors must sign in the space provided on the card. In case of Proprietor concern, the Proprietor will represent himself.

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