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In Pakistan, number of foreign companies are being registered annually. Last one decade, a number of foreign companies registered in Pakistan, especially companies from USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Japan, Canada, China, Korea, France and other countries invested in Pakistan and opened their branch offices / liaison offices throughout Pakistan. In Pakistan, Foreign company registration process is little bit complex and lengthy as compared to local private limited company registration process.

Requirements for Foreign Company Registration in Pakistan: Here are key requirements for foreign company registration in Pakistan:

  • Name Availability of Foreign Company in Pakistan.
  • Details of Directors, Chief Executive and Secretary.
  • Charter / Statute / Memorandum and Articles of etc
  • Passport Copies of All Directors.
  • Address of Branch Office / Liaison Office in Pakistan.
  • Particulars of Principal Officer i.e. Copy of Passport / National Identity Card.
  • Resolution of Board of Directors, confirming that the intention of opening of branch office / liaison office in Pakistan.
  • Resolution of Board of Directors, confirming the appointment of Principal Officer.
  • Consent of Principal Officer.
  • Power of Attorney in favor of Consultant.
  • Permission from Board of Investment, Pakistan (BOI).

  • All foreign documents must be verified from Notary Public, Foreign Office, Pakistani High Commission, incase of documents are not in English, must be certified translated and attested from above mentioned authorities.

    Requirements for the Foreign Companies Operation in Pakistan: Foreign companies business operation in Pakistan are treated as local companies:

    Basic Requirements for Foreign Companies are in Pakistan:

  • Take approval from the Board of Investment of Pakistan (BOI) before registration.
  • Company needs to maintain its Books of Accounts / Financial Accounts.
  • Address of the Company.
  • Accounts Audited from a Certified Chartered Accountant firm in Pakistan.
  • File its annually tax return in Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) as well as monthly / quarterly tax filing.

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